About Us

About Us

VABER COVID Testing NYC’s primary objective is to provide our patients with the best testing experience possible. We understand that testing can be a stressful process, one often filled with anxiety surrounding wait times, cleanliness and accuracy. Our goal is to eliminate those concerns and offer highly accurate, reliable, and quick tests in a clean and comfortable setting. With a team of exceptional doctors and dedicated staff, you can feel confident that all of your testing needs (On-Site, Concierge, and Corporate) will be carried out in the utmost professional and precise manner. While we are looking forward to the day that testing is no longer needed, we understand that frequent testing is the best way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and are here to accommodate all of your testing needs until then.

Testing Services

We offer 3 different ways to receive a test. Pricing may vary.

On Site

Visit us at our location.


We will come to your residence.


Set up testing for your business.